Initial post and introduction

Here I am. Finally. After many years of using this domain, I’ve finally decided it was time to use it for something other than email. I know personal websites aren’t really trendy these days, nor are blogs. But I’m not trendy myself. But hey! I’ve even joined a social network! I’m on mastodon. Ok, not really a trendy social network, but that’s something.

Initially, I wanted to have this site generated from GNU/Emacs org-mode. I’ve started hacking a configuration but gave up pretty quickly because I’m not really proficient at writing pretty web pages. And org-mode would require me to write everything manually. I then found out about a (GNU/Emacs) package, org-static-blog, that would make my life easier. But there was still something missing and I found myself again fighting with css and html.

In the end I’ve picked the static web generator Hugo. And after selecting a theme (Ufff!), I’ve started to write this. I’m still not 100% happy with Hugo, mostly because the themes don’t seem to be very well maintained, some of them have a single person committing changes (which is a security red flag!), but mostly because it includes a lot of things I don’t care about but which is difficult to get rid off. For example, there’s a lot of JavaScript that I don’t trust, and that may be doing things I’m not aware of. So, I’ll eventually move away from Hugo [1] (or write my how theme?), but for now it’ll have to do.

Finally, my plan is to dump here some thoughts, some ideas, maybe things I’ve learned and that I’d like to keep written somewhere for later reference. For example, I tend to do occasional experiment with different window managers but never document any of my configurations. Maybe my next incursion into xmonad or stumpwm will be described here. Who knows?

Updated on 2022-09-26

And the migration to sphinx is now done! See this post for details.



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